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Solenne  Ensemble

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Solenne Ensemble in Ingolstadt

Donnerstag 11.04.2024

um 19:00 Uhr



Oberer Graben 55
Ingolstadt, Bayern 85049 Deutschland

Veranstalter: Kulturamt Ingolstadt

Soirée am Donnerstag – Solenne Ensemble | Stadt Ingolstadt - Kulturamt (


Hybrass Festival 

Freitag 12.04.2024

um 19:00 Uhr

Wittelsbacher Schloss Friedberg

Schlossstraße 21

86316 Friedberg


Ticketshop - Peter Oswald´s Hybrass Concert - Eine musikalische Reise der besonderen Art durch Raum und Zeit Tickets, Wittelsbacher Schloss Friedberg, 86316 Friedberg - online bestellen (


"The exultant and masterful voice of soprano Ljiljana Winkler meets the Solenne Band to perform two firecrackers by the brilliant composer GENE PRITSKER. This is an event of magnanimous proportions, which we have no doubt will be on every possible “Best of 2023” list at the end of the year, because it is simply SENSATIONAL!“..."subliminally impresses”…”precious doses of emotional and technical eagerness at a very high level!"...
- Luanda Meyers-
Full Review 
“One song after another that takes us out of our routine and leads us to intense reflection.”…”a narrative that involves us and makes us travel, sung by a beautiful voice”…“ we dive into the.. story, sung by a unique, striking voice, sophisticated and delicious beats, we experience every emotion of this track, this story is very well told, the expressive voice of life the words making us feel them, is extremely intelligent and powerful, we live a musical experience- “it's alive, it's surprising, captivates us” 
-Taiti Teixeira,  Indieoclock  Nov. 2023
Full review

"Solenne Band provides its skilful ensemble playing towards the Winkler’s impressive vocals for an awesome listening..." the musicians were technically brilliant and the songs innovative. The EP is an embodiment of the constant progression of modern classical and chamber music that celebrates innovativeness and diversity"..." an intriguing journey into musical possibilities that highlights the interaction of Gene Pritsker’s compositions, Ljiljana Winkler’s vocals, and the virtuosity of the Solenne Band. This musical ride at the crossroads between classical, jazz and pop makes clear the endless imagination of these great artists.
-Kamil Bobin- November 23-
Full Review
"This 5-song project has everything, avant-garde and sophisticated"..."Path", a 4-minute breath of fresh air that mixes the instruments "If you dream of putting a little elegance in your playlist, Gene Pritsker has thought of everything you need. His very jazzy EP will add all the class you need to your musical list. "
…" breath of fresh air that mixes the instruments wonderfully"…"This EP is a healthy curiosity that could quickly become a guilty pleasure for lovers of good music?"
-Iggy Magazine- 
Full Review
"The EP is a true class act, elegant in artistic vision, insightfully performed. The band achieves so many gradients of blues, so scintillating blended together that one might find themselves lost in layers of it."..."The four movements, titled : Blues from an Airport Bar are beautiful ensembles. In all the movements, Ljiljana’s vocals reign. So effortlessly evocative, her rise and fall from octaves flow seamlessly. Each inflection is guided by refined artistic intuition and imagination, infusing the storytelling with life. The instrumentals follow her lead, presenting her with a stage to take cues from. This is not to say that they have no charisma of their own. In Movement 1 & 2, the instrumentals are beautiful accessories that frame the performative vocal affluence. However in Movement 3, we see the saxophone and beats pose atmospheres for the vocals to flow into; in a way leading the narrative. There’s a beautiful sax solo that is strung into it, its melancholy and loneliness as devastating as the moon’s. Movement 4 is distinctively theatrical in comparison to the other. And it's a quality that is brought in by truncated instrumental lines. And the vocals launch into it, ebbing and crescending with ease. Ljiljana’s flow is unencumbered. Her vocals are so in touch with her emotional pulse, conveying it with so much clarity and depth. 
- Apollo`s Harp-
Full review
The EP has two compositions, the first of which is "Path", a phenomenal work that features Ljiljana with her powerful voice. The song starts off somewhat shy, just like the singer herself. But, it takes shape and body, exploding in a beautiful voice and masterful, chamber instrumentation, with exuberant brass. .."
-Vitor Franceschini-

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